Thursday, February 11, 2010

All About Flowerhorn Kok.

What is a flowerhorn kok?
The flowerhorn kok or nuchal hump is the crowning glory of this fish. Often associated with luck it is actually a storage area of fat. The more fat stored in the nuchal hump the bigger it gets. Below are pictures of fat that is stored in the nuchal hump.

Photo by James Ancheta on just what is inside that flowerhorn kok. Can't see any water in there so water kok maybe more of a misnomer.

The kok are described according to their types, size shape and the general appearance it gives to the fish. The following are basic description used to describe the flowerhorn kok.

Types of kok.
1. Hard kok

Reminiscent of old school flowerhorns. Hard koks are usually just a small protrusion on the forehead of the male flowerhorn. As the name implies if you touch the head part the area feels hard and flat this is due to minimal amount of fat deposited in the nuchal hump. They are usually not that attractive unless the fish has wonderful pearl and color patterns. Flowerhorns with this type of kok can be entered in a flowerhorn show under the free head category.

My thaizz with hard kok but with nice reddish pink color and worm pearls. The small kok makes this male look like a female.

2.Semi-water kok
A combination of hard and water kok.These koks don't grow to be enormous but may grow to a certain size which may be harmonious to the general appearance of the flowerhorn. These koks would feel soft on light pressing but  the hard kok would be felt  underneath the soft water kok when you press the kok area a little harder. Also when you shine a light behind the kok area the translucent part of the water kok would be evident.

Thaizz x kamfa-semi waterkok the kok would grow to a certain size only and would shrink back to a smaller size every time water change is done.

3.Water Kok
The most sought after kok is the water kok. These kok has the potential of growing to enormous size. It feels soft all throughout and would appear translucent when light is shone through it.
My thaizz "San Mao" at 4inches with nice water kok.

Another picture of San Mao showing his nice round translucent water kok.

Different kok shapes.

1. Egg shaped or kidney shaped

2. Helmet shaped

3.Ball shaped

4. Mountain peak or pointed

5. Half domed

6. Horn bill shaped


  1. wow nice looking flowerhorns, thanks for sharing this.

  2. nice mga fh mu tol,, sau ba lhat yan??
    ng bre-breed ka dn ba??

  3. Not mine bro. Pictures taken from palhs and other flowerhorn sites.

  4. zz flowerhorn male, and Titanium/Platinum female flowerhorn can breed ?